joshuahickmanmd.jpgThank you for choosing Joshua M. Hickman, MD and the Mountain Orthopedics Center of Joint Replacement and Resurfacing. We are recognized throughout the inter mountain west and nation as a leader in minimally invasive joint replacement and resurfacing. Dr. Hickman received his undergraduate degree from Davidson College in history and music. He received his medical degree with highest honors from the University of North Carolina where he also was a research fellow in the distinguished medical scholars program. He performed his residency training in orthopedic surgery at the University of Utah and completed a fellowship in complicated joint reconstruction and minimally invasive hip and knee replacement in Chicago at Rush Presbyterian St Lukes Medical Center. Dr. Hickman’s other interests consist primarily of spending time with his wife, Carolyn, and three sons. He also enjoys cycling, ski touring, nordic skiing, music (violin), and outdoor pursuits (hunting and flyfishing).

As a Joint Reconstruction Fellowship trained surgeon, I focus primarily on hip replacement, partial (ligament sparing) knee replacement, total knee replacement and resurfacing, shoulder replacement and hip resurfacing. By specializing in these areas, I have been able to provide more energy to improving the surgical process of joint replacement. We have developed a comprehensive program focusing on advanced surgical and anesthetic techniques, accelerated rehabilitation and nutrition programs, and an exhaustive patient education process. As a result, patients are recovering from their surgery more rapidly, with less pain and disability, and hopefully with less complications and less disruption to their lives.

The goal of this book is to provide you, the patient, with education regarding your diagnosis, surgical problem, surgical preparation, hospital admission, surgical treatment, and rehabilitation. Every detail in the process - prehabilitation, preoperative teaching, hospital checkin and surgery, the recovery and post surgical rehabilitation - is reviewed. Please keep and refer to this book and website throughout the process. My team and I are always availiable for questions at 801-295-7200. Our website is JoshuaHickmanMD.com and MountainWestHipresurfacing.com.


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