Jerome Lopez

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Had really bad arthritis in my right knee. 2 other surgeons would not operate on my knee until I was 50. Even though I couldn't walk and my Orthopedic doctor recommended that I do get surgery because physical therapy and steroid injections would do nothing to make my knee better. Luckily someone told me about Dr. Hickman and I made an appointment to go see him. After seeing my xrays he immediately scheduled an operation. After my operation my knee already felt better. Two weeks after I'm able to walk with support of a walker. I think in other 3-4 weeks I'll be able to walk again without any devices. Something I haven't done in 2 years. He totally changed my life. He is a great surgeon and a great guy. If you ever need someone to look at your knee, I strongly recommend him. Thank you Dr. Hickman and your entire staff, you guys are the greatest.